ICC@M 2017

Organizing committee

The ICC@M 2017 organizing committee is excited to take on the challenge in making sure that this one week event will be filled with laughter, friendship, inspirational and creative learning!

We will do our best to make this year’s event as successful as it was in previous years!

We are proud to introduce you to our organizing committee of ICC@M 2017.


"Hey, my name is Jeroen Moonemans and I’m studying MSc of International Business with a specialization in Controlling. For the International Case Competition, I’m the Operations Manager. It’s going to be another amazing week where top case teams will be solving some of the most complex challenges. However, the spirit cup remains the most important prize this year!”



"Hi! My name is Nhu Nguyen and I’m a 3rd year student doing my BSc of Economics and Business Economics with a specialization in Economics. I’m the Hotel Operations Manager for the International Case Competition. Interesting cases, great events, and an amazing closing party are waiting for you. What I’m most excited about? Getting to know you and supporting you every step of the way!”



“My name is Steve Goossens and I’ll be leading the operations of ICC@M2017 at the School of Business and Economics. I am currently studying a double track MSc in International business, focusing on Finance and Sustainable Finance simultaneously. As a previous case competition participant for the Maastricht University team, I was lucky to have the opportunity of competing in several competitions myself.  The great atmosphere and learning environment that gets created during international case competitions is unparalleled. I hope that this year, I will be able to facilitate this same experience for other ICC@M 2017 participants!”



“Hello everyone! My name is Jade, I am currently pursuing a Double Degree Master in International Business (focusing on Strategy & Innovation), and I’m in charge of the PR and ICT activities within our committee. Because representing Maastricht at case competitions was among the most enriching experiences of my undergrad years, I wanted to give back by helping organize our very own ICC@M. We are doing our very best to make your forthcoming stay unforgettable and I very much look forward to meeting all of you this coming May!"



“My name is Bas van Diepen, lecturer at the department of Organisation and Strategy and in ICC@M for the eight time serving as Operations Director. ICC@M is for me an opportunity to organise together with a marvellous team of students a yearly international educational event and to engage business partners, SBE-students, alumni and staff in this great event. ICC@M provides ample opportunities for SBE and UM staff and students to be involved in value exchange with external stakeholders. Our Maastricht competition has developed into a high-impact competition with participants making many new friends, enjoying the Maastricht community and professionally growing enormously over the course of one week and with case companies receiving a huge variety of valuable advices on how to address the challenges they are facing. That atmosphere is most inspiring, rewarding and simply enjoyable. Besides, I may even have a chance to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with my advisor friends that I’ve met over the many years during case competitions.”