ICC@M 2016

Organizing committee

Our organizing committee, composed of Rendy Jansen, Bas van Diepen, Lianne Swenne, Jeroen Moonemans and Maï Suwan, is excited to take on the challenge of making sure that this one week event will be filled with laughter, friendship, inspirational and creative learning!

We will do our best to make this year’s event as successful as it has been in previous years!

ICCM 2016


We are proud to introduce you to our organizing committee of ICC@M 2016.

Rendy "Hey, I’m Rendy Jansen and I’m studying MSc of International Business with a specialization in Information Management & Business Intelligence. For the International Case Competition, I’m the Operations Manager. I’m very excited for the ICC@M and can’t wait! It’s going to be another interesting week where the top case teams in the world are going to solve some of the most complex challenges. If you didn’t know it yet, the finals are open for everyone! Hope to see you there”



"My name is Maï Suwan and I am currently studying International Business. Next to my studies, I was looking for more practical knowledge.Thus, I decided to take on the challenge of contributing in the value creation of ICC@M 2016. As the PR/IT manager, I am highly motivated to ensure maximum exposure of ICC@M 2016 and at the same time, creating a lifetime experience for everyone involved.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!  Best of luck!”



“I am Lianne Swenne, currently studying a bachelor in Psychology and a bachelor in Economics and Business Economics. During the 7th edition of the ICC@M I will be managing all hotel operations and social activities. Learning, experiencing and working together with a great variety of people and cultures in such an intensive manner makes this week a very interesting challenge. Winning might be the principle, but key is that one learns as much from failure as from success. I can’t wait for this exciting week to start!”



“My name is Jeroen Moonemans and I’ll be leading the operations of ICC@M at the School of Business and Economics. I am currently studying towards my MSc. in International Business with a specialization in Controlling. ICC@M shows that students can have significant impact on the global operations of our partners. I hope that during the ICC@M the participants will not only concern themselves with the pursuit of happiness through meeting new people and our social events but also the happiness of pursuit in attempting to win the 7th edition of ICC@M.”

Our prestigious case competition would not be possible without his guidance.



“My name is Bas van Diepen, lecturer at the department of Organisation and Strategy and in ICC@M for the seventh time serving as Operations Director. ICC@M is for me an opportunity to organise together with a marvellous team of students a yearly international educational event and to engage business partners, SBE-students, alumni and staff in this great event. ICC@M provides ample opportunities for SBE and UM staff and students to be involved in value exchange with external stakeholders. Our Maastricht competition has developed into a high-impact competition with participants making many new friends, enjoying the Maastricht community and professionally growing enormously over the course of one week and with case companies receiving a huge variety of valuable advices on how to address the challenges they are facing. That atmosphere is most inspiring, rewarding and simply enjoyable. Besides, I may even have a chance to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with my advisor friends that I’ve met over the many years during case competitions.”