About Maastricht

Maastricht can rightfully claim to be one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands (around 50 BC). The name Maastricht comes from the Latin term Mosae Trajectum, which means 'passage over the Maas'. The city is a living and breathing outdoor museum, and the streets are full of reminders that the city once served as a Roman post, a city of pilgrimage, a medieval fortified city, and one of the first centers of the Dutch industrial revolution.

The Vrijthof

vrijthof The Vrijthof is the heart of Maastricht. Already in the 10th century this large square was the center of thriving St. Servaas cult. Today the Vrijthof square is dominated by two churches: the St. Servaas basilica and the St. Jan church. Whenever Maastricht has something to celebrate, such as Carnival, the Vrijthof is the place to be.

The Markt

Maastricht The Markt (market), the other square in the center, is a more down-to-earth version of the Vrijthof, and is centered around the Town Hall of Maastricht. On Wednesday and Fridays the vegetable-sellers and other vendors erect their stalls around the Town Hall to sell their wares at slightly cheaper prices than in the shops.